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Does your yard or business xeriscape look like this?

Is your yard covered in dirt over the years and looks more dirt than landscape gravel?


Call Tom Hill @ (505) 975-2412

Look like new in just a few short hours using our exclusive patent pending machine.


Please call for a free estimate today!.

Who We Are


We are a company that can create a like-new yard on your existing xeriscaped yard in a few hours.  Our patent pending machine separates the dirt from your gravel and we replace the cleaned gravel over a new weed barrier and haul away the old, unwanted dirt.

Our Philosophy


We think that we save the waste of hauling perfectly good gravel to the landfill and the extra expense of buying new gravel when I can make your yard look brand new again at a fraction of the cost of using new gravel.  Please call me today for a quote and I will be glad to show you how easily you can afford to improve the value of your home.

Call me for a free estimate!


Commmercial or Residential



Tom Hill

Owner and Inventor


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